19-Year-Old Jumps to Her Death at China Cell-Phone Factory

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Ms. YanYan (a pseudonym) started working at the Wangxin Factory in Shenzhen in January 2010 when she was 18 years old. She worked on an assembly line all day wiping and cleaning the over one thousand cell-phone cases that came down the line hour after hour.  Including all overtime, which was mandatory, she earned about $50 a week.

At 8:00 a.m. in the morning of December 27, 2010, Ms. YanYan leapt from the 6th floor of her dorm. She died 17 hours after.

This is the suicide note she left for her parents and sisters:

"Dear dad, mom and sister, how are you?  I miss you so much!  I want to go back to my childhood. You love me so much, protecting me from being bullied.  But I can't turn back time.  Who would know coming to Wangxin would be my terminal point.  I am tired, really tired.  My co-workers on the line treat me like that every day.  I have enough.  Especially yesterday the boss had a conversation with me.  He didn't put himself in my shoes but only consider about himself.  Is it my fault that I was slow? (My hands hurt.)  I can't alter something by birth.  It's not that I didn't try.  Unavoidably there is gossip on the assembly line.  The boss didn't understand.  I hate them.  I hate him even more.  My only regret is that I didn't keep my promise to myself.  I will definitely keep it in my next life.  Good-bye, dad, mom and my sisters.  I will pay back your love and care from childhood in my next life by doing anything I could.  I will compensate our sisters' love next life."

YanYan's dad holding her photo (Southern dayly/NFDaily)


According to the Southern Daily (or NFDaily) newspaper: "YanYan's parents rushed to the company from their hometown (in Hubei Province), seeing their young daughter's death, the old parents sat there with tears coming down non-stop."

The Vice President of the Wangxin Factory, Mr. Zhang, told the Southern Daily that "overtime is unavoidable" and that the factory "has no responsibility" for the teenager's death.  "Young people should bravely face pressure from life and work" Mr. Zhang observed. Moreover, "kids born after the 90's are mentally too weak."

The Shenzhen Wangxin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. has client partnerships with Sharp, Philips, Lenovo, Haier, Konka, among other. The factory is in the Fucheng Aoxin Industrial Park, Building A9, in Pinghu Town, Shenzhen City.


Shenzhen Wangxin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd



In an address about the corporate culture of Shenzhen Wangxin, the Ganaral Manager Wenqing Wang said:

"...Fundamentally speaking, ‘stimulation' is direct, material and external incentive; ‘encouragement' is indirect, spiritual and internal consciousness. From ‘stimulation' to encouragement' annotates the advance and sublimation of inspiration, posing for the penetration and transforming of corporate culture. But we usually remain at the external material incentive, having neglected the internal spiritual advance. Therefore our corporate culture must be undergone certain transformation from following there points: (1) material incentive being sublimed to consciousness, dignity and spirit; (2) emotional and sentimental things being transformed consciously and freely; (3) transforming external incentive to self-improvement, self-perfection and self-development, changing inspiration to self-respect, self-love and self-improvement. The incentive sequence must be ‘emotion' firstly, then spurting ‘wisdom' and ‘innovation' of subordinates lastly [......] Being in high spirits, the person will have a facile imagination; whereas reacting slowly if in low spirits. The most important of an enterprise lies in people. The contribution of a company to society represents its valuable products as well as the person with corporate values. It our Wangxin staff find their values here, he will create new individual values that meet company's demand. So in my view, the two kinds of values-person's value and products' value that a company created are nourished mutually, thus having constituted the enduring vitality of the enterprise."


(Southern Daily/NFDaily, December 31, 2010)