Bangladesh: Unprecedented Turnaround at Jeans Plus

March, 17 2015 Share

For the First Time, Over 1,000 Workers Have Won Their Legal Rights!

The Spain-based Company Inditex Played a Major Role.

Just a week ago, young woman workers were slapped and punched for failing to meet their excessive production goals at Jeans Plus.  Workers were forced to toil seven days and 100 hours a week.  Pregnant women were routinely fired and thrown out of the factory.

  • Now for the first time, Jeans Plus will receive Fridays—their weekly holiday—off.
  • Jeans Plus management has also committed that pregnant women workers will receive their full maternity benefits as stipulated under Bangladeshi law.
  • The Jeans Plus factory will no longer remain open past 7:00 p.m.  In fact, in the last few days, 50 percent of Jeans Plus workers have been released at 5:00 p.m.
  • All workers will receive their legal sick leave and earned leave (vacation) benefits.
  • Jeans Plus management has instructed mid-management and supervisors to treat workers with respect and decency.

This is excellent news, and we are hopeful that the improvements will continue.


International Label Children’s Clothing Made Under Slave-like Conditions in Bangladesh. March 10, 2015.



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