Child Workers in Bangladesh Sew Children's Clothing for Europe

May, 24 2013 Share

You can view another remarkable report by Holly Williams for CBS Evening News, May 24, 2013.

European retailers should come clean regarding the children's clothing line being sewn at a sweatshop factory outside of Dhaka. If a journalist with a hidden camera can walk into the factory and quickly document that "there was just one rickety fire escape for 400 people," and that "many of the workers appeared to be children themselves," how is it possible that the European labels have no idea where or how their garments are being sewn?

Wrangler stated that their clothing line being sewn at the Monde Apparels sweatshop had been certified A-okay by "an independent labor group." Will Wrangler allow the American people to know who their "independent labor group" is? And if the monitoring group was so good, why did Wrangler immediately cut and run, and flee the Monde Apparels factory once they were caught sewing illegal sweatshop goods?

Corporate monitoring has never worked, because people lie. Only enforceable binding laws can protect the legal rights of workers, including the right to organize independent unions and to bargain collectively.

See Kristi Ellis' important Women's Wear Daily article, "CBS Goes Undercover in Bangladesh," May 24, 2013.


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