Child Workers, Protests, Arrests ─ Smart Fashion/Bangladesh Update

January, 30 2013 Share

Following the tragic fire on January 26...

1.) Workers and human rights groups are estimating that at least 50 child workers between the ages of 10 and 15 were illegally employed at the Smart Fashion sweatshop factory producing high end European labels. Child workers at Smart Fashion were paid just 13 cents an hour and were forced to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week with just one day off a month.

Child workers who were were illegally employed at the Smart Fashion. (From left to right) Sharmin, 13-year-old Rehana, 12-year-old Surma, 13-year-old Sumaiya.


2.) Today (January 30) in a statement issued to the press, Ms. Lovely Yesmin, coordinator of the National Alliance for Protection of Garment Workers and Industries, issued the following demand:

"Trade union leaders equally blame the foreign buyers and demand that the buyers take responsibility for the death of the workers.  They buy garments cheap, but then sell their labels at high prices in Europe and the U.S.  These buyers make huge profits and they are morally responsible to compensate the Smart Fashion victims immediately."

The Alliance also demanded that the owner of the Tazreen Fashion factory be arrested immediately in connection with the November 24, 2012 fire in which at least 112 workers were burned to death due to locked exit gates and lack of fire extinguishers.

On January 20 the National Alliance for the Protection of Garment Workers and Industries held a demonstration in front of the burned Smart Fashion factory-where 7 young women were killed and 20 or more were injured.


3.) Jakir Ahmed, Chairman and Sharif Ahmed, Managing Director of the Smart Fashion factory have been arrested and are now undergoing interrogation.

(Photo: StartNewsBD)




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