D. Indian, Nepalese and Sri Lankan Workers Denounce Violations at Classic Fashion

November, 10 2010 Share

Campaign: Classic Fashion in Jordan: Sweatshop Conditions, Workers press for change

Original Report on Classic Fashion of November 10, 2010

To read more about corporate monitoring and workers' reponse, please go to Are Corporate Audits Designed to Fail? Classic Workers Respond To Better Work Jordan's Monitoring Report of October 25, 2010


Indian Workers Denounce Violations at Classic Fashion

Classic Fashion Apparel Industry
Al Hassan Industrial Estate
P. O. Box: 54
Ramtha, Irbid


Respectable Sir

Subject: Request for helping us resolve our problems


1.      We are not provided good food.

2.      Every month JD (Jordanian Dinars) 20/- are deducted from our salaries for food.

3.      We have to spend JD 20/- on food separately on our own.

4.      Money is deducted from our salary for medicines.

5.      We are not paid for overtime regularly.

6.      We are not cared for as promised in the contract.

7.      We are paid less for more work, without being paid for overtime.

8.      We are not allowed Jordanian Government holidays.

9.      We are forced to work under coercion.


We are Indian migrant laborers. Therefore, please help us resolve our problems as stated above. This is our humble request to you.


Thanking you,
Classic Fashion Apparels Industry - 3
All Workers Group


Nepalese Workers Denounce Violations at Classic Fashion

Subject:  Addressing Laborers' Problems

1)      We are not getting good food.  That's why we get sick.

2)      The cost of food should not be deducted from our salary.  Food should be provided at no cost.

3)      We need to purchase food that costs us 20 Jordan currency.

4)      The company should bear all our health care costs when we get sick.

5)      The company should pay us when we work overtime.

6)      (Not legible)

7)      The company cannot force laborers to stay at work.

8)      The company should provide transportation facilities to the laborers.

9)      The company's manager and supervisor cannot scold the laborers.

10)  (Not legible)

11)  The laborers should get government holidays

12)  The company should abide by the contractual agreements signed with our manpower company.  We should be paid 10500 for eight hours of work.

13)  (Not legible)




Sri Lankan Workers Denounce Violations at Classic Fashion


Classic Fashion Group of Companies


Dear Sir

Our company has not made arrangements for workers who have finished their contract period to return home afterwards. After cancellation, 4  Bangladeshi workers , worked for more than two months, and had stayed in the hostel for about seven days,  went to the airport for three days and then came back. If the manager in charge of this division did his job properly, would the workers face unfairness like this? Two workers who came to this organization and worked for about a month, were sent to the hostel, and then asked to go home back to Sri Lanka at their own expense, by Mr Anil.

We hope your attention will be drawn towards these unfair deeds. We ask that you keep this information confidential and protect our identities. Otherwise we fear we may have to suffer under Mr Anil's cruel attacksAs the entire work force fears his torments, nobody is willing to come forwards and talk about these events openly.

Yours Sincerely

Worker Group