Daisy Fuentes Workers in Honduras also in Crisis

June, 21 2007 Share


Urgent Action Alert
June 21, 2007

More Trouble for Daisy Fuentes Workers
Workers Occupy Factory in Honduras, owed thousands of dollars in back wages, benefits and severance pay



On Wednesday, June 6 at 5:00 p.m. workers occupied theCorazon Apparel factory in Honduras, where over 600 workers—70 percent of them women—sewed clothing for Daisy Fuentes and other labels.  Daisy Fuentes and theRegatta Company licenses and manufactures the Daisy Fuentes label  Other labels included Target and Goody's.

Corazon Apparel S. de R.L.
Road to La Lima, Km 3

Management: Korean-owned
  Kon Ygong Lee, general manager
  Sang Chul Lee, administrative manager

Phone:  (504) 559-8519;  559-8301
Fax:  (504) 559-8182

The factory was established in 2000, and according to the workers, Corazon's owners also have factories in Nicaragua and Vietnam.

Starting two months ago, Corazon management began shifting raw materials from their plant to two other nearby Korean-owned companies—Yu Yang at ZIP Continental and Bang Sang at El Progreso.  Next, management began transferring machinery as well.

The workers realized that they had to act immediately before all the raw materials and machinery were stripped from the factory leaving the workers with nothing.  The workers occupied the Corazon factory on June 6 demanding payment of the back wages, benefits and severance pay legally due them.

On average, each worker is owed $2,123.  Management is now offering them less than one quarter of what they are owed.

The workers are owed a week's back wages, portions of the mandatory Christmas and "14th Month" bonuses, annual vacation pay, two months' wages in lieu of advance notification of their layoff and severance pay.  The workers also want their savings back, which they deposited with the factory cooperative. 

As things stand now, the Daisy Fuentes workers in Honduras could lose three-quarters of the back wages, benefits and savings legally due them.

If Ms. Fuentes would intervene, even with a brief phone call or note to the Corazon factory management—surely these poor workers would be paid the money owed them.







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