El Salvador: Victory at Style Avenue / Dallas Cowboys Caught in Sweatshop

December, 08 2011 Share

DATE:   December 8, 2011

TO:       Institute Contacts

FROM:   Charles Kernaghan

RE: Victory-Institute and FEASIES union force university labels to end sweatshop conditions in Salvadoran factory / Dallas Cowboys caught in sweatshop


Breakthrough at Style Avenue in El Salvador Producing Licensed Collegiate Clothing

After the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights and the Salvadoran union FEASIES exposed serious worker rights violations at Style Avenue (see "Dressing Babies in Sweatshop Clothes: Dallas Cowboys, Ohio State and a Creepy Business-Style Avenue in El Salvador," October 2011)-the collegiate labels producing in the factory committed to an extensive remediation plan to end the violations, improve working conditions and finally bring Style Avenue into compliance with Salvadoran labor law.

It is good to hear something positive these days.

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Dallas Cowboys Linked to Sweatshop

NFL Cowboys and College Kids production at Apple Tree Sweatshop in El Salvador

All overtime is forced and most of it unpaid.   During the summer, the extreme heat in the factory is suffocating. Workers report they are drenched in their own sweat.  Apple Tree's drinking water gives off a sickening smell, tastes horrible, and often leads to stomachaches.

Supervisors do a lot of shouting and cursing to pressure the women to work faster. "You're good for nothing... Just a lazy son-of-a-b#*ch." Two supervisors are especially crude - Oscar and Lidia Moya.  Workers have no seniority, since they are fired every year and then rehired. 

There is no cafeteria in the Apple Tree factory, and for shelter from the sun, workers often eat their lunch on the pavement sitting under trailer trucks.

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