Institute in the Media: 2013 Highlights

December, 13 2013 Share

 In 2013, the Institute's careful and unimpeachable research has led to nearly 100 items in mainstream media. This includes dozens of print articles, nine TV appearances and collaboration projects, and 12 radio interviews available online. The Institute and its work were reported by the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Mother Jones, Bloomberg, Vogue, NBC, ABC, CNN, CBC, Voice of America, Toronto Star, Radio Australia, International Business Times, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and Women's Wear Daily.


Stephanie Clifford and Steven Greenhouse. The New York Times. "Fast and Flawed Inspections of Factories Abroad." September 1, 2013. (In Chinese) Shelly Banjo. The Wall Street Journal. "Bangladesh garment factories often evade monitoring." October 3, 2013.  


Ed Schultz conducted an exclusive interview with Scott Prouty, or AnneOnymos, who filmed the Romney 47% video.  He asked Institute director, Charlie Kernaghan, to be there.  Factory conditions discussed in this interview were documented in Institute’s report, “Global-Tech: Betting Against American Workers.” (MSNBC “The Ed Show.” The Man behind the 47% Video. March 13, 2013.)

Collaborating with the Institute to conduct research, Australia’s leading current affairs program, “Sunday Night,” released a strikingly powerful and disturbing documentary following the lives of Bangladesh’s shipbreakers, who do the most dangerous job in the world. (Australia Channel 7 "Sunday Night." Graveyard for Giants. February 17, 2013.)

ABC Australia “Four Corners” traveled to Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city, to expose horrific working conditions and low wages at Coles’ supplier factories, Rosita Knitwear, which the Institute reported about in 2012. “We found out that the Rosita and Megatex was owned by South Ocean, which is the largest Chinese manufacturer of sweaters in the world and they were cheating the workers in every single way imaginable,” Kernaghan told ABC Australia.  (ABC Australia “Four Corners.” Fashion Victims. June 24, 2013.)

CBS reporter Holly Williams worked with the Institute to investigate and secure worker interviews to expose the use of child labor at Monde Apparels in Bangladesh that produced clothing for Asics, Wal-Mart and Wrangler. CBS reported that the Institute “has stepped in to help the girls financially. They hope many of them will return to school.”  (CBS “Evening News with Scott Pelley.” CBS News goes undercover in a Bangladesh clothing factory, May 22, 2013. Despite promises, Bangladesh factory still unsafe for workers. June 27, 2013.)

CBC Canada reported about Institute’s exposé of a Gap supplier in Bangladesh where workers endured 100-hour work weeks with pay of roughly $38 a month, making jeans for Old Navy.  Institute director, Charlie Kernaghan, was interviewed by CBC “As It Happens” about pregnant garment workers speaking up about abuses at Gap and Old Navy’s supplier.  (CBC News. October 2013)


The Institute's message and advocacy work were reported not only in traditional press but also fashion industry media outlets. Charlie Kernaghan, was invited as a guest columnist in Think Tank column of Women's Wear Daily, a prestigious newspaper in the fashion industry.  Kernaghan was quoted in Vogue, a leading fashion magazine, a couple of times in 2013 regarding Bangladesh.  Later in the year, Kernaghan served as a panelist in Women's Wear Daily's CEO summit, "Bangladesh: The Fallout," in New York City to discuss factory safety and labor rights in the garment industry in Bangladesh.



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