Major Turn-around at Sean P. Diddy Combs' factory SETISA in Honduras

December, 17 2003 Share

Major Turn-around at the Factory
Significant Improvements being implemented

The most abusive supervisors have been fired-workers are now treated with respect: Chief of production, Delia Cruz, and her right-hand assistant have both been fired. Workers report that their treatment in the factory is much improved.

Overtime is now voluntary and paid correctly: All overtime work is now voluntary. Overtime hours are paid correctly and on time.

Locks taken off the bathrooms: Workers are no longer required to get a "toilet pass." Guards are no longer posted at the bathroom doors. The bathrooms are clean and supplied with toilet paper.

Clean drinking water: Purification filter systems have been installed, and the workers now have clean, safe drinking water to drink.

The factory is now kept air-conditioned.

Social Security health care is on the way: SETISA's owner has pledged to the workers that he will soon inscribe all the workers in the national Social Security health care system, which provides free health care and medicines for workers and their children.

The workers believe that the mandatory pregnancy tests will also be terminated.

SETISA workers win their union: On December 8, SETISA workers organized and won recognition for their union!

Sean Combs is doing the right thing!


Campaign: Successful Turnaround at P. Diddy Factroy in Honduras