Ocean Sky Update

January, 31 2011 Share

  • Der Spiegel, Europe's most important magazine, published a short article "Sweatshop Claims Hit Adidas and Puma" (Jan 29, 2011), regarding the gross violations at the Ocean Sky factory in El Salvador.

  • Adidas/Reebok, Puma, GAP and other labels' representatives are arriving today in El Salvador to conduct an investigation of factory conditions.

  • The Salvadoran Ministry of Labor is deciding how to respond.

  • The Fair Labor Association wants to conduct an investigation ....but has little credibility.

  • Management cracks down:  Following the release of our report, Ocean Sky management told the workers that there were "problems inside the plant" and that cell phones -especially ones with camera or video capacity-are now strictly prohibited.  Anyone caught carrying a cell phone into the factory "will have serious problems."

  • We are demanding a meeting with the workers, in the Ocean Sky factory, where for the first time, U.S. Government officials together with representatives of the Salvadoran Ministry of Labor and the labels, clearly explain to the workers their legal rights.  This is a necessary first step to end the abuse and to pressure both the U.S. and Salvadoran government to finally enforce compliance with the labor rights protections contained in the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement.


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