One More Victim in Bangladesh Shipbreaking Yards

September, 14 2012 Share


Cellphone photo of Ershad Huq taken by a co-worker.
There has been another fatal accident in Bangladesh's shipbreaking yards, the eighth so far this year.  At 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12, Ershadul Huq, 32, a skilled cutter at the Sayed Steel yard was cutting an iron plate, when a heavy steel rod slipped and hit him.  A worker who witnessed the accident said that he was bleeding very heavily from the head as office staff and a foreman loaded him into a small motor-cab to take him to the Chittagong Medical College Hospital.  The workers learned at 4:30 that afternoon that their colleague had been declared dead a half hour before.   Management immediately sent his body to Ershad's home village in North Bengal.

Ershad Huq was 32 years old.  His co-workers described him as "a skilled cutterman" and "very candid."  His wife is seven months pregnant with their first child.



The ship Ershad Huq was working on when he died, the Amyumbul Mas, is nearly dismantled now.  She was a freighter which last flew under the Indonesian flag.