One Woman Can Change the World / Ending Corporate Greed

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Campaign: Classic/Jordan-Sweatshop Abuse, Sexual Predators


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RE:        One Woman Can Change the World / Ending Corporate Greed

Somehow this slight, beautiful and soft-spoken 26-year old Bangladeshi woman, “Nazma,” has found the courage to testify about how she was raped by her boss, Classic factory general manager Anil Santha, while sewing clothing for Hanes and Wal-Mart in Jordan.

You can read her testimony and decide whom you believe—“Nazma,” or Wal-Mart and Hanes, who claim that they heard “rumors” that Anil Santha was a serial rapist, but unfortunately the pitiful giant retailers cannot find the truth.

Yesterday’s Huffington Post article, “Major American Brands Silent on Alleged Rights Abuses at Overseas Factories” by Janell Ross, struck a nerve in the American people. In response to the article, there are already well over 3000 serious and thoughtful comments—calling for an end to corporate greed, lack of accountability and the race to the bottom in the global economy.

Please keep the pressure up to end the abuse at this Wal-Mart and Hanes supplier in Jordan. 

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Transcript of “Nazma's” Testimony, June 17, 2011 – Amman, Jordan


…Then he, I'm saying, well, I don't understand the language, I can't understand any of his language

Then he grabbed me here and threw me on the bed
One bed
A two person bed

Then he, I'm wearing a uniform, these he already tried to open in the car, he said “open”

After...the office scarf, I'm wearing the office scarf, he grabbed my scarf and pulled it off

Sitting in the car, I opened the scarf first. 
No, I sat in the car and took it off

Yes, in the car, this bag that I have, I took it off and put it in here

I thought they would give me a uniform from that factory so I took it off

Yes, yes, I had a dress on, then he brought me to the room, I was just saying, No, no, because I don't understand his language, so I just said, No, no, no sir, I'm saying it but he's not listening. There was a big tussle....then, this whole time, I'm just saying, No, no...that day, I was wearing the yellow dress...when he grabbed the dress and pulled it, it tore here at the neck...then, all my clothes, he took them off

Then, I cried a lot.

He, I said, this much I understood, if you tell anyone, I'll put you in jail

He said it in Hindi, “jail jaiga”
He was with me here for about half an hour
Yes, I was crying the whole time
We were here for about one hour
…No, I didn't let him – I kept covering my mouth -
I spoke in Bangla, but he doesn't understand. I kept saying, no no, I said I'll tell.

Jail, he said, in Hindi, jail, I'll put you in jail – and if you do this, you won't be able to leave here

Yes, this part of my dress was torn
Yes, in the house
Yes, torn here
He got up and went to the bathroom. I was crying on the bed.

The covering that was on the bed, I was holding that around my body and crying – he pushed me to the bathroom, I was in the bathroom for a long time, 10, 15 minutes. Then I came out, I put my clothes on. 

Yes, I had a lot of pain, a lot
Yes, I used warm water

I put my dress on, and I sat here – he pulled me up by the hand and took me out, I was crying and he gave me a tissue, in the room

Yes, he took me out – him in front, me behind
Him here, me here

No, he had a car, I got in the car, and that after a long distance, he got out and left me –

Yes, after 15 or 20 minutes, he got out
Yes he dropped me off in front of the gate
They were all asking where did he take you? I couldn't talk, I was just crying
It was 5, it was already tea time
Yes, I was crying

Everyone's saying, what's wrong, why are you crying like this?

No, I didn't say anything to anyone
Yes, I was crying
No, nobody said anything like that

Because of my crying, I couldn't sit on the stool, I couldn't work, they said to go to the sick room, the doctor's room

So I went and I was lying in the sick room a long time

I'm lying there, I said my body is hurting very badly, give me a pain tablet

The nurse, the Sri Lankan nurse
No, I didn't tell why
She said, what's wrong? I said my whole body hurts
So she gave me a tablet

She gave me a tablet, I took it, I'm lying down, I was lying on the bed, and there if you get sick, you don't go home, they just have you lie in the sick room. At about 8:30, 8, then the nurse said, go home.

Yes, I got back in line, I was walking very slowly and everyone was asking why

No, I didn't say anything to anyone
Yes, the Bengalis all are new

Yes, everyone knows that Anil does this when he likes someone, but nobody says anything

I was hurt so much, he didn't say anything else to me for a while

So he didn't say anything, until May
The day after we got paid
Yes, in the middle of the month
He called me again
Through Juma
Yes, Juma said, Anil sir is calling you, go
So I went

I went to Anil-sir's office, then, with Juma there, Juma said go get your things, sir is going to take you to another factory.

He said get your punch card, he told Juma
So I told Juma, I won't go
Yes, I said, I won't go

I said, I won't go, Juma said if you don't go, you will pay for it, if you work at the factory, you have to go

I said, no, I won't go
But if I don't go, they said, give 70000 taka and go

Then I went...and you know, he's showing the other people I'm being taken to a new factory

So we got a car
I went and got in the car

Then, I got in the car, he told me, I'll actually give you away [ie. to another factory]

Yes, yes
Then, he got in the car, in the front
We went into the same kind of room
A different one

They took us, we went inside, that day he pushed me – that day, he pushed, right away, as soon as we were in the room, he took off all my clothes

No, it was evening, 4 o clock
(Interviewer: Did he have sex with you again?)
Longer than the other day
That day, one or two times I managed to push him off
(Interviewer: but you couldn't?)
(Interviewer: how long did he rape you?)

That day, you know, I fought much more, you know the first day I couldn't, that day I pushed him off again and again, you know, it went on a long time

(Interviewer: how long? 40 50 min?)
No, after awhile again

I pushed him off, then after 5 or 10 minutes he started again

Each day, once
Last time, two times

(Interviewer: the second time, did he do it just once or did he do it again after awhile?)

Yes, one time I pushed him off, then he stopped for about ten minutes, then he did it again


(Interviewer: did he use a condom?)

(Here translator asks if she has any mark.)
Yes, it turned very blue

But I didn't let him bite anywhere else, he was only able right here

No, I tried not to look at him
No, I was so ashamed, I didn't look at him at all

No, that day he dropped me off at the factory, in front of the gate

Yes, I went to the line, the supervisor asked me in Hindi, what work did you do at Classic 3?

I made up some things (hard to hear exactly what she said here over translator)

Then I couldn't move my hand...from when he hurt my shoulder

So everyone said, you're not going to work now? So I said no, I'll sit and help, I'll do stickers

It was 6, 6:15
I said no, I can't do the machine
So, I'm sitting and taking off the stickers
Yeah, there are numbers attached
Taking stickers off the fabric

Then, by 8:30...well everyone was saying, you just come and go, where do you go, what do you do at the factory?

You come and go, it takes one, one and a half hour, what work do you do that only takes 1 or one and a half hours?

I said, I just worked fast and finished, so I came back
Yes, they all know what type of person he is
They know, whoever he likes...
The Indian guys all know too
After that, I heard, he did it with a Sri Lankan girl
Apparently she went back to Sri Lanka, they sent her away
Anil sent her back

Well they're telling us she went back, but where she is, we don't know

She didn't come back to Classic 2

No, I don't know her name – she was there a year, year and a half, she was told we'll give you a higher position [there's a bunch of stuff here that I can't make out]