Rosita/Megatex Management Threatens Workers

March, 14 2012 Share

Rosita and Megatex management have alerted the workers that foreign buyers may soon visit the factories.  Management is threatening the workers, saying:  "If you want to keep working and save your jobs, you will have to tell the buyers that everything is fine and the report is all lies and fabrication."  On Sunday evening, March 11, Ms. Bina was called to meet with factory management.  (Ms. Bina was the woman who was being stalked by a line supervisor who demanded she have sex with him.)

More workers continue to be fired.

Management is spreading fear, filing false charges against the workers and barring them from entering the factories.

Despite the threats and firings, if done correctly, the workers are still willing to meet and tell the truth to the buyers.  Such a meeting would have to take place outside the factory and in a secure and safe location.

The factories continue to operate from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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