Support Bangladeshi Workers Fighting for Their Rights at Chinese Sweatshop

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For the last several months, we have travelled back and forth to Bangladesh to confront some of Europe's and Australia's most prominent retailers.  They have excellent codes of conduct, which are also completely useless.  In fact, the high end retailers handed over their production, lock, stock and barrel, to the secretive South Ocean Group-(they do not even have a website)-which is one of the world's largest knitwear manufacturers.  South Ocean in turn, sent production to the Rosita and Megatex factories, located in the North Bengal region of Bangladesh.

The Chinese management of Rosita and Megatex cheated the workers of their wages and benefits, beat them with clubs, sexually harassed women workers and - when the they protested - illegally fired hundreds of workers, while filing trumped up legal charges against the union leaders and activists for "attempted murder."  The charges are false and ridiculous, but the lives of these union leaders are at stake.

You can access all the Institute's reports, updates, video footage, photos, the workers' press conference statement, press coverage, along with leaked phony corporate monitoring audits.

Finally, the tide is turning.  The Chinese South Ocean Group, the high end retailers and even Bangladeshi Government officials are scrambling.  Every day the workers are winning new rights and wage concessions.

But there remains one very important sticking point:  The retailers, Chinese management and the Bangladeshi authorities want to fire and get rid of the top elected union leaders at the Rosita and Megatex factories.  Over 90 percent of the workforce voted for these leaders, and just last week, over 4,000 workers signed a petition demanding their reinstatement-especially for Mr. Helaluddin and Mr. Belal.

Please support the workers' demands!



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Bangladeshi Workers Fight Back: High End European and Australian Retailers Clean up Chinese-owned Sweatshop. May 2012.

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