"The Most Dangerous Job on the Planet" ─ Shipbreaking in Bangladesh

February, 19 2013 Share

Australia's leading current affairs program, "Sunday Night," has released a strikingly powerful and disturbing documentary following the lives of Bangladesh’s shipbreakers, who do the most dangerous job in the world. 

Hundreds of huge decommissioned cargo and tanker ships are driven up on the beaches of the Bay of Bengal, where shipbreakers—many just teenagers and boys—use blowtorches, sledge hammers and their bare hands to tear the great ships apart.  On a daily basis, the shipbreakers handle dangerous toxic waste and asbestos, while earning at most 30 to 47 cents an hour.  Workers are regularly killed, maimed and seriously injured.

More than 1.8 million people in Australia watched the documentary on Seven Network’s “Sunday Night” program.

The Institute for Labour and Human Rights travelled to Bangladesh to collaborate with the Australian TV crew on the making of the documentary.

Please forward this brief film to your family and friends.  Nothing will change until we raise our voices.  Enough is enough.


Watch the 14-minute documentary by Sunday Night on Channel 7



More about shipbreaking workers in Bangladesh




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