This Labor Day--Stand up and stop the rapes at Wal-Mart, Hanes and Sears supplier in Jordan

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Campaign: Classic/Jordan-Sweatshop Abuse, Sexual Predators


TO:        Key Contacts

FROM:   Charlie Kernaghan

DATE:    August 30, 2011

RE:        This Labor Day-
                 Stand up and stop the rapes at Wal-Mart, Hanes and Sears supplier in Jordan


Dear Friends,

In honor of Labor Day, we are launching a second petition drive, asking Queen Rania of Jordanherself a leadingwomen's rights advocateto intervene to stop the sexual abuse and gross violations against the 5,000 young Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi and Indian women workers at the Classic sweatshop.

Queen Rania launched the "Stop Violence Against Women" campaign in Jordan in 2004.

"At least one out of every three women in the world has been beaten or abused. It is a worldwide shame. And no country has won that battle yet."    - Queen Rania                            

Also, if you have not done so already, please sign the petition to Wal-Mart, Hanes, Sears, Target, Macy's and Kohl's to stop the rapes at the Classic sweatshop in Jordan-and please spread the word to your family and friends. The good news is that to date 138,932 people have signed the petition on!



Student Power:  Chicago High School Students Leaflet Sears!

Nine high school students joined by a faculty member handed out over 650 flyers outside Sears' flagship store on State Street in Chicago on Sunday, August 28. Over 100 shoppers approached the students asking for more information about Sears' sweatshop production across the developing world. They plan to do this weekly until the abuse is ended. The students also found Lands' End fleece garments that were made at the brutal Classic factory in Jordan. Two hundred and fifty students at Dundee Crown High School have joined the Youth Labor Committee to support the rights of young peopleoften their same ageacross the developing world, who are locked in sweatshops, paid pennies an hour to produce the goods we buy. The Youth Labor Committee is now spreading to other high schools in the Chicago area.



More Rapists Emerge at Classic Sweatshop in Jordan

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