Time is Running out for GM Strikes in India

April, 08 2011 Share

While GM sales in India were up 59 percent in 2010, 1300 workers-600 full-time workers and 700 temps-remain on strike at the GM Halol Factory in Gujurat State, India. Just 300 workers-200 full-time and 100 temps-have crossed the picket line.

GM management has started recruiting more workers, or trainees, under the government's Technical Institute for the unskilled. Management will use the trainees to block the strike.

An even bigger problem is money. The workers have no strike fund, as management refuses to recognize the workers' Gujurat Kamdar Mandal union. Moreover, it appears that GM management is intentionally delaying payment of the workers' wages for the first two weeks of March, before the workers went out on strikes. Many of the GM workers come from very poor families and have reached the point where their families are really hurting.

GM management at the Halol Factory is running a scam with the temporary workers, who they fire every six months. This way management does not have to hire the workers full time as is required by law after a worker puts in 240 days. After the 240-day probation these workers would enjoy full legal rights and wages.

Management is once again threatening to fire the striking workers.


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End the Union-Busting Campaign


Ask General Motors U.S. management to immediately intervene with their local managers at the Halol Factory, insisting that Halol management respect the legal rights of the workers to organize a union and bargain collectively.

When companies like General Motors went global, they told the American people that by their example they would be the best human and workers' rights ambassadors, raising standards across the global economy. It is time for General Motors to act.