Transcript of Janet Barret`s query and Michael Eisner`s response

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Transcript of Janet Barret's query and Michael Eisner's response
from the Walt Disney Company's Annual Shareholder Meeting. March 19, 2003. Denver, Co.

Janet Barret: My name is Janet Barret, and I represent the Presbyterian Church USA. Disney wants to be identified as a corporation with a social justice conscience, as indicated by Enviroport. Poverty and sweatshops are social justice issues. The Shah Makhdum factory workers- young women who made Disney clothes for eight years under horrible working conditions- demanded improvements. The Disney contractor abandoned them when they did this, instead of supporting these courageous women in their quest for justice. The Shah Makhdum factory owner conceded these improvements and he needs Disney contracts so the women can work again now under reasonable conditions.

Disney must model corporate social justice by supporting these women. You have the power to effect change at no cost to your company. When are you going to demand your contractor return to Bangladesh's Shah Makhdum factory?

Michael Eisner: Well, we only, there and elsewhere in the world, when the factories are not up to the Disney code of quality demand they do not use the factory. And that particular factory had its problems and ceased to be on our list of places that we allow our licensees operate. We cannot make our licenses operate anywhere 'cause they are independent companies that pick their own places to make their products. However, we have taken off the banned list that particular factory in Bangladesh and we have encouraged? our licensees and told the licensees they are welcome to go back there. We have no legal ability to make them go back there and I suspect over time they will. But you are correct, those women did a fantastic job in cleaning up the act and making themselves up to the standards that they have to be and we support that.