Union Leader Montu Ghosh Rots in Jail--PLEASE HELP!

October, 04 2010 Share

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TO:      NLC Contacts
FROM:  Charles Kernaghan
RE:  Union Leader Montu Ghosh Rots in Jail-PLEASE HELP!

Dear Friends,

It was an amazing victory for international solidarity to help free Ms. Kalpona Akter, Mr. Babul Akhter and Mr. Aminul Islam after 28 days of imprisonment for accompanying Bangladesh's 3.5 million mostly young women garment workers in their struggle for a 35 cent an hour minimum wage.  Their organizations, the Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity and Bangladesh Garment and Industrial Workers Federation, played an important role in supporting the workers' demands.

But another very important and progressive labor leader, Mr. Montu Ghosh, remains in prison.  Mr. Ghosh, an attorney and senior advisor to the Garment Sramik Trade Union Kendra federation, was also working to support the workers in their legal demand for a minimum wage that would at least allow the workers to climb out of misery and into poverty.  Mr. Ghosh, 62 years old, is a well known and highly regarded labor leader in the Narayanganj area where many of Dhaka's garment factories are located.  Of 24 labor leaders imprisoned on the same charges following the recent wave of minimum wage, he is the only one who remains in jail

So many of you did so much to free Kalpona, Babul and Aminul.  We urge that all of us now turn our attention to freeing Montu Ghosh!


Please sign a joint letter to Bangladesh's Minister of Labor, which will be copied also to Bangladesh's Ambassador to the U.S.

Please pass this on to your lists and contacts.  Let's overwhelm them with international solidarity.  It worked for our colleagues from BCWS, now let's free Montu Ghosh.  The workers will need him in the coming months.


Banners read:  Top: Ensure free trade union rights.  Left: Trade union rights must be ensured / Garment Workers Trade Union Center.   2nd from left: Labor union advocate Montu Ghosh.  We demand his release.  Large banner: Famous garment labor leader Montu Ghosh should be freed and false charges dropped.

Newspaper photo caption: Worker rights organizations held a human chain in front of press club demanding Montu Ghosh's release from jail.  (Source:  Prothom Alo newspaper, October 4, 2010)


Petition letter to Minister of Labor--to be sent on Friday, October 15