Wal-Mart, Wrangler, ASICS caught using child labor in Bangladesh fire trap

May, 23 2013 Share

Part 1
CBS News goes undercover in a Bangladesh clothing factory

(Aired Wednesday, May 22, 2013)

Part 2
Victim of Bangladesh factory collapse shares story
(Aired Thursday, May 23, 2013)


A CBS News crew went undercover at the Monde Apparels factory outside of Dhaka, where 1,400 workers-mostly young women, including dozens of 12-year-olds-were sewing one million boxer shorts for Wal-Mart, shirts for Wrangler and jackets for ASICS.

Wal-Mart claims they have no idea how one million of their garments ended up being sewn at the Monde Apparels factory.

ASICS says the same.  They also had no idea that their garments were being made at Monde.

Wrangler is the only label that has confirmed their presence in the factory.


  • We have received reports from the workers that an estimated 30 twelve-year-old workers are being rounded up and fired by factory management.
  • The CBS crew filmed emergency fire exits blocked by cartons of garments stacked to the ceiling.
  • Thirteen of 15 fire extinguishers were missing.
  • The highest wage earned by senior sewing operators was just 24 cents an hour.  Workers did not receive pay slips, and were routinely cheated of their legal wages.
  • Workers sewing garments for Wal-Mart, Wrangler and ASICS are paid so little they are forced to live in miserable, crowded slums, with entire families living in one tiny room made of thatch and scraps of sheet metal.
  • Workers are routinely threatened and coached to lie to naive corporate monitors visiting the Monde Apparels factory.

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