Workers Testimonies on Sexual Abuse in Wal-Mart's Supplier Classic Fashion

June, 14 2011 Share

Campaign: Classic/Jordan-Sweatshop Abuse, Sexual Predators


Twenty-Three Year Old Sri Lankan Woman

Repeatedly Raped at Classic Factory

(Interview June 2011)


"My name is ####, I work at Classic ##, I am 23-years-old. At home I have my mother, father, and a sister. I came to Jordan and have completed two years. I have been here before in November 2001.

Compared to others I am considered attractive.

I was working in the lines. I have been working for about 15 days.

One day I had to go to Anil sir's office. So he closed the door and did things to me. After that episode I was very frightened for many days. I had no idea about this person's conduct then.

Afterwards one day ‘Anil sir' told me to change factories. And so I was changed to a different factory.

And then one day he took me to his house. Took me to his house and sexually abused me. I was so helpless. There was no one to turn to.

He continued to abuse me for several more days. He is an extremely bad person. Whichever beautiful girl that catches his eye, he would use them for sexual pleasure.

He has done so many things to me. I feel soiled. Please don't let other girls face the same situation as I. Please find an end to this.

Don't let other girls face the same situation. There are two girls, they are ### and ###. They are also destroyed by him. I will end now."




Male Bangladeshi Worker

Testimony June 2011


"Everyone at Classic knows Anil.  Used the women for sexual purposes.  Once targeted, women had to do sex with him."

"Workers don't go to police. Scared of retaliation."

"Workers and I want Anil to be immediately deported, in order to save the lives of innocent women workers. Should be immediately sacked, terminated from the factory."

"All of the workers of Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh... everybody will testify that he raped Sri Lankan women. Workers will tell if they feel secure. They will testify that Anil raped Sri Lankan women. Everybody knows. In a safe place, workers will testify. It is now an open secret."




Male Bangladeshi Worker

Testimony June 2011


"Anil is a very ugly, nasty man. One of his habits: during Christmas day he wants to have sex with new workers... any Christmas day. In Anil's room, there is a red light. When the red light is switched on, nobody is allowed in his room. In his room there is a curtain.

When Anil goes to the factory, he intentionally always touches the bodies of the women, just for fun. Feels the women's bodies. All the Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan workers are being harassed. The workers would like to get rid of this bad man.

The owner, Sanal knows everything, but he wants to suppress the workers..."

"Sometimes visitors come to our factory, but before auditors come, the management tells us what to tell the auditors.  They instruct us to say the factory is good, the food is good, that we have no problems. The workers have not had the courage to complain to the auditors."

"The workers think if they told the buyers about the sexual abuse, the factory would close...the workers would suffer.  And they know if they said anything they would surely be deported... so they did not make any complaint to the buyers."

"It is common that management, supervisors treat workers roughly, call names.  I was not hit or beaten.  But I saw a Bangladeshi worker hit...slapped because he could not make the production target.  The target was 250 an hour, and he could only make 230 or 240.

The supervisor slapped the worker-a man."



Campaign: Sexual Predators and Serial Rapists Run Wild at Wal-Mart Supplier in Jordan

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