Help Shipbreaking Workers and their Families


This fund will be used to assist injured workers and their families in the immediate aftermath of an injury and to help set workers up in alternative employment.

Help us reach our quarterly goal of $1,000!

Sejo Moni needs our help.  He lost his foot and was badly burned on June 22 at Bhatiery Ship Breakers Ltd. when a gas canister exploded.  He is still in the hospital.  His spine was also fractured.  His colleague, Swapon, a cutter man, was killed.  Sejo Moni cannot stand, speak or eat.  He is being fed through a nasal tube.  Doctors give him a 50-50 chance of survival.  His family is very poor.  They are taking care of him as best they can.  They say that hospital costs are 5000 taka ($65) a day.  Yard management is giving them 1500 taka ($19) a day.  He needs surgery on his back and foot.

Your donation can help pay for Sejo Mani to get the treatment and surgery he needs in the hospital for his best chance of survival. 
For more information about the shipbreaking workers in Bangladesh, read our 2015 Report, and watch the video below.

Mr. Idris was an experienced senior cutter man.  But in April 2015, a giant ship’s propeller he was cutting broke free unexpectedly and came down on top of him.  He lost his left leg below the knee and the sight of his right eye.  He was still in terrific pain when we first met him, his wife and their two daughters at their home in June 2015.  The family was in desperate straits.  The yard owner had provided a couple of months’ pay, but they knew that would not last.  They were afraid they were going to have to take their older daughter, then 10, out of school.  But they were hopeful that Mr. Idris would be fitted with a prosthesis, which would make him able to seek some kind of work.

Mr. Idris told us, “Look.  I don’t care about my leg.  But I have to find a way to support my family.”  (To the family’s credit, they have somehow managed to keep their now 11-year old daughter Sanjida in school.)

About $1,400 would be enough to buy supplies and set up a small neighborhood store a couple of blocks from the family’s home.  This would allow Mr. Idris to make a living to support his family.

We visited the family again when we were in Bangladesh in April.  They had no money at all.  Relatives were providing food.  The yard owner had abandoned Mr. Idris completely.  He had no medical care and no prosthesis.

Mr. Idris is pictured at left with his 4-year old son, Anjuman.


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