VTech Sweatshop in China ─ AT&T, Motorola, Wal-Mart and others


"Dongguan is about as well-known as Foxconn in Shenzhen...Plenty of workers live worse lives than those who work at Foxconn."

"If things continue to go like this, there will be more jumpers."


"Given that the Fair Labor Association's initial investigation into conditions at Foxconn factories took four times as long to complete, sceptics would be justified in thinking Telstra's decision is primarily commercially motivated." 

 --The Register. Telstra re-stocks shelves with phones from alleged sweatshop. July 5, 2012.

"One mother said: 'This is absolutely disgusting. Vtech make amazing educational toys for our British children but it seems at the expense of a much poorer desperate population. It doesn't sit right. What kind of education is that? What does this teach our kids?'

"Another claimed she would 'never intentionally' give her child a product that had been made under these conditions. 'I want to take all the products made by the company away from my little one,' she said."

--TechEye. Mums react to VTech sweatshop toy allegations. July 2, 2012.

"We as parents buy these toys and give them to our children to enjoy. Knowing that some young person on the assembly line at these factories has been expected to fit four or five components to a circuit board every 11.25 seconds and those who fail to do so are then expected to work unpaid until they have, makes me as a person feel some degree of guilt for unintentionally contributing to toy demands.

"....I'm just a blogger and a mother writing about something I've read! I don't want it to be true, who does but this shit happens... It's sad but it does. Having done work to promote the brand, this now obviously leaves me a little sour and disheartened (it's like being on the other side of the school gate, we never truly know what goes on in till someone points it out).

"....I know for many this will be a passing story that leaves little inprint in their memory when rushing to toy retailers come the Christmas rush. For others it will leave a mark, a memory that therefore changes the choices we make when Christmas shopping this year."

 --Claire-Louise. Mummy Of Many Talents. VTech come under fire for exploiting and abusing its staff. July 1, 2012.







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