Alleged sexual abuse of workers

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Campaign: Classic/Jordan-Sweatshop Abuse, Sexual Predators


SL mission in Jordan launches probe:

The Sri Lankan mission in Jordan has begun investigating allegations \t\tof alleged sexual abuse against several Lankan female migrant workers in \t\tan apparel factory in Jordan, on the request of Sri Lanka Bureau of the \t\tForeign Employment (SLBFE).

However, the SLBFE said that neither the Sri Lankan Embassy in Jordan \t\tnor the Bureau had received any formal complaint in this regard to date.

The SLBFE had instructed the embassy to initiate an inquiry solely on \t\tthe information carried out in both local and foreign media, officials \t\tsaid.

Their efforts to contact the human rights organization which had \t\toriginally published the story in a report also failed, the SLBFE added.

However the SLBFE said that complaint or no-complaint they were fully \t\tcommitted to look into the matters relating to welfare and protection of \t\tSri Lankan migrant workers. Officials said that the SLBFE had instructed \t\tthe Sri Lankan mission in Jordan to investigate the matter fully.

The incident came to light in a report published by an organization \t\tcalled Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights which said that \t\tyoung female workers employed in a garment factory in Jordan including \t\tSri Lankans have been the victims of rape, sexual abuse and torture on \t\tregular basis.

The document notes that several people in the management level of the \t\tfactory were responsible for the alleged abuse.