Campaign Calls on Queen Rania to Support Jordan Rape Victims

Fresh Outlook |  By Rosaria Sgueglia | August, 25 2011 |  Share  | Source Article

A new campaign has been launched by campaigners at, asking  Queen Rania of Jordan to show her support to rape victims.

Queen Rania of Jordan has been asked to join an international campaign calling for an investigation into allegations of serial rape at a fashion factory in Jordan.

The request was formally released by ,along with a new petition, on Wednesday morning.

Launched by the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights, the campaign has asked popular brands such as Wal-Mart, Hanes, Target, Macy's, Lands' End and other labels to stop sourcing their clothing from Jordan's Classic Factory.

"Queen Rania is recognised the world over as a champion of women's rights and equality, and she has a Twitter following of more than 1.6 million users," said Charles Kernaghan, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights.

"A single tweet from the Queen could move the company to end these abuses. We've tried targeting the big brands that purchase their goods from this factory but they have not moved to take positive action.  So now we are turning to a powerful women's rights advocate who we know cares deeply about this issue," Mr Kernaghan added.

This view was advocated by Amanda Kloer, Director of Organising at, who spoke exclusively to The Fresh Outlook. "The Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights launched a campaign on asking for Queen Rania to tweet her support for the abused guest workers of Jordan because she is one of the most followed women in the world, and because she has been long respected for her commitment to women's rights," she said.

Activists believe that the Jordanian Queen will be likely to gain the attention of both the Jordanian government and the major brands that work with Classic Factory.

By Rosaria Sgueglia



Check out the petition--Queen Rania: Please Tweet Your Support Jordan's Female Factory Workers