GM workers throng labour office

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Company says Halol plant an outstanding workplace, to work closely with all for resolution

Workers from the General Motors India's Halol plant on Friday protested against the officials of the Labour Department for not taking any action against the company despite several reminders from their end.

The workers approached the officials at Narmada Bhavan at the labour department office and shouted slogan against the department and later submitted a memorandum.

The strike completes a month and GM has reported production losses. Talks between the workers and the company management had failed even at the Gujarat High Court Mediation Centre last week.

The workers are protesting against the working conditions in the factory and claim that many of them have developed spine related problems by working over a period of time. The medical test of some of the workers was done and the report is with the Department of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH), though the same has not been given to the workers, but has been handed over to the company.


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