Irbid: Workers forced to leave on a march in protest of an American Report

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Irbid: Workers forced to leave on a march in protest of an American Report

19/6/2011 - 4:59:20

The Hassans Industrial City


"Tell Me"  (The name of the journal) - A Jordanian labor source said in his announcement on Sunday that the factory management in the Industrial city of Hassan in the Irbid precinct forced the workers to go out in a demonstration against the American report that said that there were rape cases of the female workers (in the factory).

And the report added that "the factory management met with the workers and told them that in case they did not deny the report, they will close the factory and fire the workers."

The report added that "thousands of workers organized a march inside the factory, in protest of what was published in the report to the National Labour Committee and American Human Rights (organization), that falsely accused that there were cases of (female) workers being raped. And the workers faced pressure in the firm."

The manager of the factory, in turn, denied during his meeting with the protesters all that was included in the accusations regarding the rapes of the Sri Lankan female workers who are working in any branch of the Industrial city as the report described.



1.       This labour source proves it is not truthful according to many reports previously published and all of them were based on their [the report publishers'] "feelings" which led them to withdraw support and the labor source became merely a publisher of rumors and hider of truth under the title of worker success, although it is the first to hurt them because of their work style. (Majreb)

2.       People, fear from God. These are female and male workers who are leaving their families and children for the sake of a little bit of money. The Prophet Muhammad prayers be upon him said, give the worker his pay before his sweat dries up. But we are taking their wages and we forbid them of lots of their rights, we pack them in rooms like chicken and they get taken advantage of, and raped without any pity. They are poor strangers. Fear God for them, and you will get God's rewards. (Fear God)

3.       The accusations are not true and incendiary and their aims are to get at the factory and Jordanian investment. There are some competitors who use all kinds of ways to ruin the competition and the factory is one of the largest in Jordan that exports clothes (Naseh Amin)

4.       Fear God! We the owners of the factories do not need incendiary news  and fear God in Jordan his Majesty the King is trying to gain investors and to improve Jordan's reputation and you are destroying them (A brokenhearted investor)

5.       The labor source is the only side that is taking care of the local labor and the laborers inside inside Jordan. And it is the only media side that defends their rights and shines the light on their problems that anyone barely cares about. And also this labor source is the only media source that does not seek the announcement (limelight) and advertising to any business firm in or outside of Jordan.  And it represents the worker's voice who is not heard by the manager and made it clear to the worker what his rights are of the employer (To number One)

6.       These reports and labor sources made the worker valuable and (gave him) respect in the eyes of the employers and the investors (A worker)

7.       I expect that you judge the reports according to your feelings and instincts. Validate your sources. That the source is the stage of the workers (To number One)

8.       Just for your information. Many of the occupied factories in the industrial cities and the garment factories are practicing the worst violations of human beings. And despite all the criticisms targeted at them, they are still being practiced (Supervisor)

9.       To those who are sad of the criticisms of the violations against some of the garment factories, I encourage you to continue investing, but that does not mean to take advantage of people and not to hide the violations (To the sad people)

10.   What is such an investment that takes advantage of the dignity of the workers and their rights?! (Jordanian from Thailand)

11.   After knowledge of the truth?? It is clear that there is no such inflammatory news which lacks truth and incendiary. Who has personal advantage to ruin the reputation of the investment or who aims at blackmail? And we urge all the faithful to visit the factory to survey the current situation. May god protect our blessed kingdom (Trade Union Muhammad al-Hayajneh)

PS: Muhammad al-Hayajneh is the President of the The General Trade Union of Workers in Seaports (