Jordan arrests Lankan factory manager over rape charges

Sri Lanka Mirror |  By  | June, 21 2011 |  Share  | Source Article

Authorities in Jordan have arrested the Sri Lankan manager of Classis Fashion Apparel garment factory after a female employee came forward to accuse him of rape.

‘Wall Street Journal' reports that since at least 2007, some of its workers have claimed to a human-rights advocacy group that two factory managers were sexually abusing women.

Classic Fashion is Jordanian company whose clients include US-based Wal-Mart and Target Corp.

But the factory owner and independent monitors employed by the retailers and the brands made at the factory said they were never able to corroborate the accounts.

According to them, the accusers who are guest workers from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka never made an official complaint.

Last week, a 26-year-old Bangladeshi woman told Jordanian investigators that she had been raped by the factory's top manager since arriving in March, and she submitted to a medical examination.

She had been encouraged by the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, a US-based group funded by labor unions.

The manager, Anil Santha, was arrested later on suspicion of raping the woman, and has been jailed pending trial.