Jordan rapist jailed

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A Sri Lankan man who was allegedly involved in the rape of Sri Lankan and other South Asian women at a factory in Jordan has been arrested, human rights activists told News today.

The Sri Lankan man, identified as Anil Shantha, was a General Manager at the Classic factory in Jordan and was mentioned in a report by the US based Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights.

The report had said that scores of young Sri Lankan women suffered routine sexual abuse and repeated rapes, and in some cases even torture at the factory and Shantha was named as one of the rapists.

A team from the US based Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights wound up a visit to Jordan today after deciding to personally intervene in the case.

"Big news. We are on our way home from Jordan now. While we were there a young woman (Bangladeshi) came forward, gave official testimony. Rapist Anil Santha arrested. He is in jail now. We helped the young woman go home to Bangladesh," Barbara Briggs of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights told News while on her way out of Jordan.

Anil Shantha however claims he is innocent while the management of the factory he works in also claims the allegations are false.

The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights had recently released a very disturbing report titled ‘Sexual Predators and Serial Rapists Run Wild at Wal-Mart Supplier in Jordan' which documents in great detail and in the workers' own words, how scores of young Sri Lankan women sewing clothing for Wal-Mart and Hanes have suffered routine sexual abuse.

Once the report was published by News and later other local media Sri Lanka's Minister for Foreign Employment Dilan Perera cast doubts on the authenticity of the allegations raised. However he later said a team from Sri Lanka was also sent to Jordan to investigate the claims.


(Report by Easwaran Rutnam for News


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