Toyota faces Sweatshop Accusation |  By  | July, 19 2008 |  Share  | Source Article


Apparently Toyota Motor Corp. has been discovered abusing human rights through human trafficking and sweatshop abuses.


According to Auto News, apparently many of the foreign guest workers-mostly from China or Vietnam-are stripped of their passports and made to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week at subcontract plants supplying Toyota. Those who complain get the boot. One third of Toyota's assembly line workers in Japan are low-wage temps who earn less than 60% of what normal workers do. Some of these workers have literally been "overworked" to death, both native to Japan or guest. They don't even get paid for all the overtime they're dying for.

Accusations of sweatshop abuse pale in comparison to reports that Toyota has certain ties with Burmese dictators who use the revenues to ruthlessly repress and torture the people of Burma.

Our take? It's horrible, of course. Unfortunately, there are many corporations that benefit from the squashing of the lowly poor in the world, not to mention governments. Toyota would only be the latest one in the lineup. One can easily point fingers to other notables such as Wal-Mart, or Chevron, or ExxonMobil, or NESTLÉ USA, or the more recently infamous Blackwater. What about these guys and their human rights abuses? Toyota, unfortunatey, is just another one joining the club.