What Kind of Person You Are: Betting Against American Workers

Common Dreams |  By Abby Zimet | October, 05 2012 |  Share  | Source Article

With workers at the Bain-owned Sensata electronics plant in Freeport, IL. in their fourth week of a desperate attempt to save their 170 jobs from being outsourced to China with anencampmentpetitionbus tour, pleas to Mitt Romney, and, this week, blocking of trucks moving equipment, the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights issued a devastatingreportBetting Against American Workers, on working and living conditions at the Global-Tech plant in Dongguan, China where Romney invested $23 million over ten years ago. It found brutal sweatshop conditions where student interns as young as 16 work 16-hour-shifts seven days a week for $1 an hour, live in filthy dorms, are fed often rotten food and endure forced overtime - conditions, says their subsequent Misery Updated report, that persist today.