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Child Labor at SIF-Tex in Bangladesh


Child labor appears to be spreading
on the outskirts of Dhaka

In September, the National Labor Committee also observed many under-aged workers entering the SIF Textiles factory.

SIF Textiles Industries Ltd.
131/2 New Eskaton Road
Eskaton, Dhaka

Contact: Mr. Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed, Managing Director
Phone: 8802-8321066 / 8318701
Fax: 8802-8316334

SIF Textile labels smuggled out of the factory


B&C label smuggled out of SIF-Tex


The B&C label is owned by the Belgian company, The Cotton Group.


Tom Tailor label smuggled out of SIF-Tex

The Tom Tailor label is owned by the German fashion company, Tom Tailor, GmbH.

 Boosley label smuggled from SIF-Tex

Boosley label from SIF-Tex

Boosley is an Italian jeans company.

 ElleNor label smuggled out of SIF-Tex

ElleNor label from SIF-Tex

ElleNor is owned by Norma Lebensmittelfilialbetrieb GmbH and Co., a German company that also owns the Norma grocery store chain.

 Vero Moda label from SIF-Tex

Bestseller, a Danish company, owns the Vero Moda label.