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Murder in the Shipbreaking Yards


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Deaths, Injuries and Enormous Environmental Damage
In Bangladesh’s Shipbreaking Yards

For 40 years, shipbreaking has been done on the beaches on the Bay of Bengal.  It is one of the most dangerous jobs and also one of the dirtiest. 

Bangladesh desperately needs steel for construction, since the country has no domestic source of iron.  Everything on the ship is recycled. 

The 12,500 workers who break up giant ships using blowtorches are Bangladesh’s steelworkers.  But they still have no rights, no safety gear, job security or proper wages.

Forty years later, Bangladesh’s shipbreaking workers still have nothing, working 12-hour shifts, seven days a week with no overtime pay.  The workers still live in miserable hovels, 3 or 4 workers sharing each tiny roomIt is time for a change!

Shital Enterprise workers, like the rest of the shipbreakers, do not receive adequate protective equipment—no steel-toe boots, protective masks, googles or welding vests to protect them from being burned.

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